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e-Learning Known Issues

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Overrides the default "Starts" date

  • System: Canvas
  • Problem: When a course is set to begin before the start of the term, students are unable to take quizzes.
  • Workaround:You may go into the course "Settings" and put whatever end date you want the course to have.
  • Status: Shelved

Quiz Index Page Round up Total Number of Points

  • System: Canvas
  • Problem: If a quiz has a total number of points as decimal, for example, 3.5, that number gets rounded up (4 in this case) on the Quiz index page. (The quiz total point is reported and calculated correctly in the gradebook though.)
  • Workaround: No workaround at this time.
  • Status: Shelved

Instructor's preview submission treated as a student submission

  • System: Canvas
  • Problem: When instructors have the “Lock questions after answering” option selected within their quiz, if they then go to preview the quiz, Canvas will treat their preview submission as a student submission. This causes the quiz to show a message every time the instructor edits the quiz that states “Students have either already taken or started taking this quiz, so be careful about editing it. If you change any quiz questions in a significant way, you may want to consider regrading students who took the old version of the quiz.” It also means that the instructor cannot un-publish the quiz.
  • Workaround: Make a duplicate of the quiz and delete the original quiz.
  • Status: Shelved

Mediasite and VoiceThread Issues in Canvas App

  • System: Canvas
  • Problem: If you are using the Mediasite app to embed videos in your e-Learning page and you attempt to view them in the Canvas app, they will not play. On an iOS device, they don't show up (just a blank spot), and on an Android device, they prompt you to login but will never log you in. If you view the page in a  browser in iOS or Android, they will play. In addition, if you are embedding VoiceThread videos into your e-Learning page and using the Canvas app to access them, they will not play.
  • Workaround: Best practice is to supply the direct link to the video (for app users) as well as embed the video (for those viewing in a browser). For VoiceThread, you have to view these pages in a browser only on mobile devices. On these devices, you will be prompted to "View in VoiceThread app." If you do not have it already, download it and choose ufl.voicethread.com in the settings tab to access the UF instance of VoiceThread. Then click on the embedded video and it should open the VoiceThread app without issue.
  • Status: Under investigation by Canvas Engineers

Inbox Search Not Working in Concluded Courses

  • System: Canvas
  • Problem: Using the search function of the Canvas inbox after a course has been concluded results in a "Not Found" error message.
  • Workaround: Using the "find in page" (Ctrl+F) function of your browser to search for the student's name in your inbox should allow you to bring up the student's conversations.
  • Status: Under investigation by Canvas Engineers

Unable to Switch Between Submissions in Grades

  • System: Canvas
  • Problem: When trying to view submissions within the gradebook, teachers are unable to switch between submission. In addition, if any submission was late, all the other submissions will be marked as late also, even if submitted before the deadline.
  • Workaround: The only current workaround is to view and grade submissions within SpeedGrader.
  • Status: Under investigation by Canvas Engineers

Multiple Dropdown Questions Do Not Render Correctly

  • System: Canvas
  • Issue: Questions with about four or more multiple dropdown answers render outside of the question frame resulting in students being unable to select an answer.
  • Workarounds: Workarounds include either excluding the question from the quiz, changing the question type, or to splitting the answers among multiple questions.
  • Status: Under Investigation by Canvas Engineers

"U" Icon in Announcements

  • System: Canvas
  • Problem: A "U" icon appears in place of a Canvas profile picture in announcements that were imported from a previous term.
  • Workaround: None
  • Status: Under investigation by Canvas Engineers

Office 365 External Tool Load Issue

  • System: Canvas
  • Problem: In assignments, when the Office 365 external tool is enabled, students receive a 404 login error message when trying to load the assignment.
  • Workaround: The workaround is to use the Collaborations tool instead of the external tool.
  • Status: Under investigation by Canvas Engineers

Respondus Quiz Creator Image Issue

  • System: Respondus 4.0 Campus-Wide
  • Problem: When users create questions with images directly in Respondus, the images are not imported into Canvas when the questions are exported.
  • Workaround: One workaround would be to embed the images in the questions once they have been manually imported into Canvas.
  • Status: Under Investigation by Respondus

Automatic Peer Reviews are Not Assigned

  • System: Canvas
  • Problem: When an assignment is assigned to a specific section or subset of students, automatic peer reviews are not assigned.
  • Workaround: Two workarounds for this issue are to assign the assignment to Everyone or to manually assign peer reviews.
  • Status: Under investigation by Canvas Engineers

Quiz Statistics Not Filtering Restricted Sections

  • System: Canvas
  • Problem: When viewing quiz statistics, Canvas pulls the statistics for all students in all sections, even if the user is restricted to a specific section.
  • Workaround: There is no workaround at this time.
  • Status: Shelved

"Crocodoc" Error in Closed Courses

  • System: Canvas
  • Problem: In courses from past terms, some assignment submissions are sporadically displaying an error that "Crocodoc is still processing this document."
  • Workaround: If a course or section is reopened, the assignment submission will display properly. This can only be done by contacting e-Learning Support at 352-392-4357 option 3.
  • Status: Under investigation by Canvas Engineers