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Feedback Fruits Group Member Evaluation

FeedbackFruits’ Group Member Evaluation is a tool for group and peer performance assessment that connects directly to Canvas Groups and Grades to provide students structured self and peer feedback opportunities without having to leave Canvas. The tool will also help faculty gain insight through its learning analytics dashboard.

Here at UF, Group Member Evaluation is enabled through funding from a Student Tech Free Grant. The remaining tools in the Feedback Fruits product suite are not currently funded and a department or unit would need to contact Feedback Fruits if interested in purchasing access.

Why We Are Adopting It

FeedbackFruits’ Group Member Evaluation (GME) helps students to:

  • Communicate and perform more efficiently and effectively as they engage in collaborative learning activities
  • React and reply to feedback they receive—allowing group members to be recognized and others to learn how to improve their performance
  • Enhance meta-cognitive skills and self-regulated learning

The tool also helps faculty and staff to:

  • Formatively assess individual students’ competence and contribution beyond the assessment of group products
  • Provide meaningful feedback
  • Gain insight into individual students’ performance and competence
  • Gain insight into group dynamics through a learning analytics dashboard

Setting up Group Member Evaluation 

Before you can set up GME for your course, you will need to create a Canvas assignment and select the FeedbackFruits external tool submission type: 

  • Navigate to the course site in Canvas 
  • Click on Assignments 
  • Click +Assignment and type in a name for the assignment (for example “Group Member Evaluation 1”) 
  • Scroll down to the Submission Type box and select External Tool 
  • Click Find, and then select FeedbackFruits 
  • Select “Authorize” if this is your first time using the tool 

This will launch the FeedbackFruits setup window. Select Group Member Evaluation to begin setting up your group evaluation.  

Then follow along with these step-by-step instructions: 

Instructions for Students 

View the student perspective for yourself, and share with students to assist them in completing their first group member evaluations: Group Member Evaluation | Student Perspective 

How to Monitor Student Progress 

Watch the explainer video or read step-by-step instructions to learn how to review students’ completed evaluations: Group Member Evaluation | Instructor Perspective. 

Considerations for Use 

The following may be useful to consider as you develop assignments using GME: 

  • What is the goal of the group or peer review assignment? For example, are you hoping to give students a method of holding each other accountable? Is one of your goals for students to practice providing constructive feedback? Let these goals guide you as you set up the group member evaluation requirements. 
  • Make space early in the semester to discuss your expectations for group or peer evaluation with your students and show them how to use the group member evaluation tool to complete a review and to view feedback they receive.  
  • Will you be using group or peer evaluation throughout the semester, or will you be using it for a single assignment? Would it be helpful to provide students with a practice review assignment? 
  • Make sure to tell students the name of the assignment(s) in Canvas, or name them in a way that makes them easy to identify. 

Contact Us 

Would you like to discuss ideas for using GME in your teaching? We would love to pair you with an instructional designer or educational technologist. Contact us at 

For immediate assistance, contact:  

(352) 392-HELP (4357) Option 3 




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