Getting Started with e-Learning

Canvas can be a complex place, no matter your level of experience. We’ve provided our Top 10 Tips for Success in Canvas to help you meet your instructional goals in the e-Learning environment.

  1. Canvas Basics

  2. Settings

  3. Navigation

  4. Organization

  5. People

  6. Communication

  7. Assessments

  8. Grading

  9. Files

  10. Groups

  11. Attendance

If your course shell has not already been created, please visit the UF e-Learning Course Request Process page in order to request a Canvas shell.

Support Services for Instructors

Tips for Success

  • Preparation and course launch
    • Give yourself time to prepare an existing course for a new semester.
    • Ensure that all links work, the syllabus has been updated, announcements are accurate, and everything that students need to access is published and up to date.
  • Organization and design
    • Create a Start Here/Getting Started module and describe your course goals and your approach to learning. It’s a great opportunity to get students excited to meet you and start digging into the course.
    • Ensure that your learning objectives are aligned with your assessments.
    • Incorporate basic active learning strategies in your instruction.
  • Groups
    • If you use groups, check at least twice a day during drop/add to make sure students who add your course are added to a group.
  • Communication
    • Always include your name and course in announcements, as announcement notifications in Canvas does not include this information.
    • Outline office hours in a welcome video and in the syllabus, and prompt students to seek them out when needed.
    • Utilize discussions as another opportunity to communicate with students.
    • If you use discussion groups, don’t make them too big. A group of 6-10 students is ideal to spark genuine conversation and debate.
    • Set clear expectations about when assignments will be graded, when emails will be returned, etc.
  • People
    • Students will be automatically added to your Canvas course by the Registrar’s Office.
    • You can combine sections of the same course in the course request process.