If you have never used online Proctoring, below are steps and instructions to activate and use Honorlock within your Canvas course shell. You can also watch a recorded training session presented by Honorlock (passcode: Xf8sb?zB).  

  1. Read the Honorlock Instructor Guide (PDF) This provides you with instructions on how to enable an exam in Canvas to use Honorlock. If the Honorlock tool isn’t already set up within your course shell the last page of the pdf shows you how to add the Honorlock tool to your course shell navigation.
  2. Watch How to Use Honorlock Canvas Instructor Guide (1:47). This video shows how to set up a quiz within Canvas and have it proctored by Honorlock.
  3. Set the Due Date, Available From date, and Until dates for the Canvas quiz so that students will be able to take the quiz during a window of time (24 hours is recommended, especially for courses with large enrollments).
    • Pad the window of availability by at least 15 minutes so that students do not lose testing time due to the time it takes to initialize their Honorlock proctoring session.
    • For an explanation of the difference between Due date, Available From date, and Until date, visit the quiz settings Canvas Guide.
  4. Watch How to view student results in Canvas (Instructor Guide) (1:01). This video shows how to access students’ exam results in Canvas.
  5. Ask students to read the Honorlock Student Exam Preparation Guide. This handout will help your students prepare for an online exam proctored by Honorlock.

The Office of Distance Learning has more information about Online Proctoring at the University of Florida.