Use the table below to determine which tools may be appropriate as you adapt your content for online delivery. These tools are recommended for moving a class online quickly because of their familiarity and ease of use, however, this is not a comprehensive list of tools supported by UF.

With time to consider how to build your course for remote or online delivery, do you prefer to keep things as simple as possible? If the answer is yes, stick to the basics and use Canvas for most things.

For more information and tips about moving your class online, visit the Get Started page, or the Canvas Quick Start Guide.

Uses Tools Description Support Resources





Use emails, your class Listserv, or Canvas announcements to stay in touch with students.

Listserv Instructions

Canvas Announcements

Pre-Record Lectures 

Recording Tools:




Sharing Your Videos:
Zoom Cloud

Microsoft Stream

My Mediasite



Lectures can be pre-recorded using Zoom and PowerPoint. Zoom can record to the cloud, or local recordings can be saved and uploaded to a hosting service. Mediasite is recommended, as Zoom Cloud recordings will be automatically deleted after 180 days. Microsoft Stream is also a viable alternative.


Recording a Lecture using Zoom

Zoom Training Videos

Zoom in Canvas Training

Recording a lecture in PowerPoint

Microsoft Stream Help


Hold Live Lectures and Office Hours




Microsoft Teams


Live meetings/lectures can be hosted with students using Zoom. Microsoft Teams is an alternative that can be considered.

Share and Collect Files


Microsoft OneDrive

My Mediasite


Google Drive                (5GB per person)


Upload class materials to Canvas so that students can access it. Large files, such as videos that you planned on sharing in class, should be uploaded to cloud storage or to Mediasite. Create or edit assignments in Canvas to allow students to upload files that might normally be submitted in person.

OneDrive Help Center

Google Drive Help

Assess Student Work

Canvas Quizzes, Assignments, and Discussions

The Canvas eLearning system has tools for assignments, quizzes/tests, and graded online discussions.

Canvas Quick Start

Additional Canvas Guides

Maintain Academic Integrity


Honorlock is an online proctoring service for exams within Canvas.

Online proctoring should be activated for any single assessment equivalent to 15% or more of a student’s final course grade (UF + Quality Matters Standard 3).

UF Honorlock Resources

Recorded Honorlock Training Session

Honorlock Statements on Privacy

Accessibility and Accommodations

Disability Resource Center

Captioning Services


Student accommodation requests should be coordinated with the Disability Resource Center. 

Learn more about captioning options at the Captioning Information page. Captioning can be requested for recorded videos, and the Ally Accessibility Report in Canvas can identify areas for improvement.

Note: The official UF Policy regarding Electronic Information Technology & Communication Accessibility (EITCA) as well as the laws governing accessibility are still in effect, even when the class’s modality changes. Please continue to do everything possible to maintain course accessibility while keeping the continuity of teaching as the utmost goal.

Disability Resource Center

Captioning Information

Captioning request form

Ally in Canvas

Access UF Resources


UF Libraries


Connectivity to the Internet

Students can access specialized software and library resources when connected to the UF VPN. Course Reserves can also be created through the UF Libraries or in Canvas for required readings.

Off-Campus Library Access

UF Libraries Course Reserves

Creating Course Reserves in Canvas

*Never used G Suite but want to start? Review the FAQ page on Using your UF Google Account.