This short guide will get you started if you choose Canvas as your primary method of teaching online.

Create an e-Learning Course

Login to e-Learning to see if your course already exists. For questions about existing e-Learning courses, contact e-Learning Support at 392-4357, option 3.

Visit the Course Request Process page for instructions and video tutorials on how to request courses.

Communicating with Students

  • To get started, you must first publish your course.
  • Utilize Canvas announcements or the inbox to provide information or share updates with students.
  • Students individually control their notifications from Canvas. Share your expectations about communication channels, frequency, and responsiveness.

Delivering Content

Upload your readings, presentations, and resources to Canvas and share the appropriate files with students.

Assessing Students

  • For multiple-choice, true/false, or matching assessments, create a Canvas quiz.
  • Students can submit papers or projects through Canvas assignments.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to collaborate, use Canvas discussions.


  • To grade student submissions and leave student feedback, utilize Speedgrader.
  • To simply enter or adjust student grades, use the Gradebook

To learn more about Canvas, refer to the Getting Started with e-Learning resources.