New Quizzes is the new generation of assessment tool developed by Canvas. The new tool will eventually replace Classic Quizzes, which is the current quiz engine available in all Canvas courses at UF. New Quizzes allows instructors to create assessments using a variety of question types and provides the option to duplicate quizzes as many times as needed without overriding information in original quizzes.


Below you will find a list of videos created to review the features of the new assessment tool in Canvas. Although not required, we recommend watching the videos in order.


Below you will find a list of videos create to guide you through creating a New Quiz and some of the most popular question types.


New Question Types  

  • Categorization: this question type allows students to match data entries with categories while ignoring distractors. E.g., Which of these paintings are Impressionistic and which are considered abstract?  
  • Ordering: students are required to organize their answers in a specific order. The instructor has the option to set up headers to guide the student in which order they should position their answers. E.g., Place the important dates/inventions of the Industrial Revolution in chronological order. 
  • HotSpot: allows instructors to upload images to a question and have the students identify a specific region/position on the image. E.g., Identify the cell’s nucleus on this image.  
  • Stimulus: instructors can add content in the form of text, video, or audio to serve as a stimulus for students to answer questions associated with it. E.g. On the left the question will show an article from a source, on the right have 5 questions related to that article. 

Original Question Types 


To see the differences between Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes, check this Comparison Table . You will be re-directed to a Google document created by Canvas explaining the key differences between the old and new tool. In this comparison table you will find four columns, the first listing the features available to use with quizzes in general, the second column identifies features available with Classic Quizzes, the third column lists the features available with the current version of New Quizzes, and the last column identifies the features New Quizzes should have available by the end of the transition.  


Currently, the proctoring solutions available for use with New Quizzes are Respondus LockDown Browser and Honorlock. The workflow with these tools is different than with Classic Quizzes so please review the new student interface with Respondus LockDown Browser and Honorlock’s Workaround guide to list New Quizzes as a third-party exam. When adding your New Quiz as a third party exam to Honorlock, please keep in mind if you change the available from and/or available until dates on the quiz in Canvas, you will need to go to Honorlock, click on "settings" for that quiz, and adjust the dates there as well. 

Please note that more proctoring services will become available within the New Quizzes migration timeline as vendors are waiting for specific information from Canvas before creating tools that work with New Quizzes. 


You can migrate a quiz from Classic Quizzes to be used with New Quizzes in Canvas. You can also migrate surveys, but they will be created as standard quizzes if migrated.

To migrate individual quizzes from your course, please use this guide.

Canvas is currently working on the following features:  

  • Migrate New Quizzes in course copy and imports – bulk migration.  
    • This is currently only available in the Canvas Beta environment.
  • Import questions from question banks to item banks using this guide.


  • Partial credit is available with matching question types.
  • Multiple dropdowns question types are converted to fill-in-the-blank questions types after migration from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes.
  • In New Quizzes item banks, the "This Course" filter has been added to the filter options. This allows instructors to look for item banks that have been shared with the course directly. 
  • Fill-in-the-blank question types can use rich content editor. This feature supports fill-in-the-blank types for fill-in-the-table, multiple drop-down, multiple fill-in-the-blank sentences and entering equations or formulas. Instructors can use tables to facilitate the use of multiple blanks in a single question.
  • Instructors can now view NewQuizzes submissions in their To-Do list. Submissions requiring manual grading (essay and short answer questions) will now show in the dashboard’s To-Do list for instructors.
  • When a Classic Quiz with a question group is migrated to New Quizzes, the system will create a new item bank with the questions in this group. Be sure not to confuse a question group with a group of questions linked to a question bank. 
  • Outcome reports can now be exported as a CSV file.


Canvas continuously updates the New Quizzes timeline on their own website, to view the timeline, please click here

For more information about New Quizzes regarding product updates, discussions, questions, roadmap, and feedback, please visit the New Quizzes Hub

In case of any questions, please contact e-Learning Support at 352-392-4357 option 3 or via email at