Some approved LTIs are installed globally so that they are available within all UF Canvas courses via the Navigation pane, and others must be added via the External Apps tab using a consumer key and secret (typically provided by the vendor). Look for the HOW TO ADD heading in the sidebar for each available LTI and then follow the instructions below.   

If your LTI is not listed, you may need to submit an LTI request. 


Add Through Navigation

Many LTIs are already added in all Canvas shells at UF and only need to be enabled. To do so, navigate to Settings within a course, and click the tab for Navigation. Find the tool you want to enable, click the 3 vertical dots to its right, and select Enable. Then click Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes. The tool will now appear in the left-hand navigation in the course site.

Add Through External Apps

From the course site, navigate to Settings and click the tab for Apps. On the Apps page, look for the External App you wish to add and click on it. Now click on +Add App and enter the consumer key and shared secret if required.

Not Yet Available

LTIs which are not yet approved may not be installed. Please contact e-Learning Support if you are unable to install an LTI which you have used in the past.