What is an LTI?

Learning Tool Integrations (LTIs) are applications that can be installed in e-Learning to offer a broad range of functions within a course, from collating course materials (such as ARES), to delivering publisher content, and even allowing for a higher level of functionality than is present in the base CMS (using the iClicker or REEF integrations).  You can access these LTIs within your e-Learning course by navigating to Settings> Apps.

LTI Review Process

UFIT Security must approve any LTI before it can be integrated into e-Learning. The current approved LTIs are listed at UF IRM Fast Path Solutions. You may not add LTIs other than those approved on the list.  If you would like to request an LTI be added to e-Learning, please complete our LTI request form.

In order to allow time for approval, please submit the LTI request form by the following deadlines:

  • Summer A/C- January 1st
  • Summer B- February 1st
  • Fall- April 1st
  • Spring- September 1st