Zoom Quick Start

Here are some quick videos to help get you started with some of the basic features in Zoom. These videos will go over some of the functionalities that will assist you in transitioning smoothly from face-to-face to online instruction.

Keep Zoom Secure - Be aware that both the host and participants’ videos default to “On” when scheduling a meeting. Additionally, to avoid privacy concerns, please make your participants aware if recording. Finally, instructors must sign-in once through the UF Zoom website in order to create their account before using Zoom through Canvas.

Keep Students Engaged – This resource provides are a variety of techniques that can be used in synchronous class meetings to keep students engaged.

Getting Started with Zoom [Video 00:22:14 mm:ss]

How do I use the Zoom desktop app?

Joining, Hosting, or Starting a meeting using Zoom for the first time will automatically prompt you to download the Zoom app. Once the app has downloaded, sign in by clicking on “Sign in with SSO” and using your UFID and password. See the video or read through Zoom’s “Getting Started” page below to learn more about using the app.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE LATEST ZOOM DESKTOP CLIENT FOR YOUR COMPUTER. Always keep your Zoom desktop client up to date. Learn how you can download the latest version of Zoom desktop client or check for updates.

Zoom Desktop App [Video 00:03:03 mm:ss]

Getting Started with Zoom on Windows and Mac

Holding virtual office hours

Holding virtual office hours with Zoom is easy! See the video below for a step-by-step guide to using your personal meeting room for your office hours.

Please note that all Personal Meeting ID sessions will (at some point) be required to use passwords.

Virtual Office Guide [Video 00:00:31 mm:ss]

Scheduling a meeting

To hold synchronous class meetings with your students, you will need to schedule a Zoom meeting. You can schedule a meeting both through ufl.zoom.us and through your Canvas course in e-Learning. The video below explains this process in detail.

Schedule Meetings in Zoom [Video :00:01:01: mm:ss]

Using the breakout rooms

If you have a larger class or would like to split your class up into discussion groups or partners, you can do so using Zoom’s Breakout Room feature. See the video below for an introduction on how to create breakout rooms.

Zoom Breakout Rooms [Video 00:02:48 mm:ss]

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