Adding and Removing Users in Manage Users

“Manage Users” is a tool inside Canvas courses that is available to Teachers and Facilitators where you may add or remove users in your course. Since Students are loaded automatically based on their Registrar section, you will typically be using “Manage Users” to enroll TAs, Facilitators, Designers, Teachers, etc. Some functions, such as creating and managing new sections, or enrolling in large courses, must be carried out through “My Canvas Course Management” at

Adding Users

  1. Click “Instructor Tools” in the course toolbar.

  2. Select “Manage Users” from the list of tools.

  3. Enter the UFID or GatorLink username for the person you want to enroll. You can also enter multiple UFIDs or GatorLink usernames separated by commas.
  4. Select the Section.
    • By default, the section is the “INIT” section whereTeachers/TAs/Facilitators/Designers are enrolled.
    • MISC section is used for adding a student who is not registered through the Registrar
    • Registrar sections – the only time you would choose this section is if you wanted to put a TA in the section and “limit to section” so that the TA can only access those students.

  5. Select the Role. By default, the TA role is chosen, but you may select from the other roles available.
  6. Limit to Section.
    • By default, “no” is selected. This option limits the person to interact ONLY with the participants in the section in which you are enrolling.
    • If you put a TA in a section and limit to section, you will also need to enroll the TA in the INIT section and limit to that section as well. If the TA is not in the INIT section, the TA will not be able to interact with the Teachers and others enrolled in the INIT section.
  7. Select “Next”.
  8. On the following page, select “Add User(s)”.

Removing Users

  1. Click “Instructor Tools” in the course toolbar.

  2. Select “Manage Users” from the list of tools.
  3. Select the “Remove Users” tab.
  4. Click the “Remove” button next to the user you wish to remove.
  5. The screen will load, and then the tool will remove the user.